Raja Ampat Tour Price


The tour cost is vary depending on many things.

To run a private tour excursion, budget is the main factors will determine the quality of tour services.

We don’t recommend low budget alocation if you plan to visit Raja Ampat, because it will certainly decrease the quality of facilities will be use during your tour.

Never sacrifie your joyfull moments in Raja Ampat with disappointed, complaint and unsatisfied or ever more unsafety caused by low budget services and facilities. But the choice is entirely in your hands.

Raja Ampat is not like Bali, 90% tour activities in Raja Ampat is by boat. And it’s totally different in many aspect.

If you looking for modernization with 5 stars facilities, Bali is right place.

But if you are nature lover who looking for magnificent nature scenery, Raja Ampat is the right place.


This question is very often asked at the beginning.
Raja Ampat Biz is an tour operator not lollipop seller. To make sure the total price, we have to calculate base on your request information.
To request a quote price for Raja Ampat tour, please contact us to discuss. We will try to taylor a plan fit to your budget.


Because WE ONLY OFFER FIXED PRICE, and it will not change.
The cost of Raja Ampat tour depends on various thing, such as how many participant, how many total days, what tour destination (route), what spot will be visit, what hotel will be used, what boat size/capacity and other things require operational cost. All these cost could be different in anytime in real situation.


We implements management and strict safety rule in all our tour services, sometimes there is possible we refuse tour requests whom not considering about SAFETY AND COMFORT which is below our service standard.
We are really considering your safety and any possibility of risks that may occur during the tour activities.


  1. Price will be calculate based on your program plan. We will help to recommend.
  2. Price will offer in IDR currency, please convert to USD or your currency.
  3. Prices can change only if problem occur impacted to operational cost (IE: cliamte situation/bad weather etc.).
  4. We guarantee 100% no Scam, Fraud or hidden cost.
  5. We refuse any tour program originating from other party.
  6. We don’t ask any tipping, this subject to personal sincere.
  7. Any kind of matter will be discuss to find best solution or last in local Police Station.