In Running a Tour, Budget Factors Will Really Determine the Quality of the Tour Service. In This Case KING AMPAT BIZ Does Not Recommend A Budget That Is Too Low In Running A Tour At KING AMPAT, Because It Will Certainly Decrease The Quality Of Facilities Used During The Tour. But That Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Make A RAJA AMPAT Tour Package At A Cheap Price, The Cheapest Price of RAJA AMPAT Tour Packages Even though We Can Design As Far As It Is Still Reasonable, It’s Only We Really Don’t Recommend It. But the choice is entirely in your hands.

This is a question that is very often asked at the beginning.
RAJA AMPAT BIZ As a Tour Operator (NOT A TRAVEL ONLINE), this question is a question that we cannot answer immediately by mentioning the nominal number.

Because we want to offer a price that is certain and does not change. The price of Raja Ampat’s private tour package depends on various factors, including the number of tour participants, duration of the tour package, planned tour destination (tour route), spot or place to visit during the tour, hotel accommodation (lodging) that will used during the tour, the speedboat capacity that will be used during the tour and other factors in the field requires operational costs.To request a price quote for Raja Ampat tour packages, please contact us via email or telephone connection, to be able to discuss and find the package at the best price according to +/- your budget, of course with the best service from us.

As a tour operator who fully understands service standards, RAJA AMPAT BIZ implements management and standardization of services that are very strict in the service of all the tours we run, so sometimes we can refuse to process tour requests from travel agents or individuals who impress ROAD ORIGIN at the expense of convenience and the safety of participants and far below the STANDARD that we apply. We really consider and take into account the various things and risks that may occur during the tour.

RAJA AMPAT BIZ does not display the price of packages on this website because as a TOUR OPERATOR we prefer to directly calculate the price on request, so that the amount of the tour operating costs can be ascertained. Because every tour that will be run is very likely there will be differences in the supporting factors, which results in different operational costs needed to run the tour.


  1. The price or tour fee that will be listed on the offer is calculated based on the program and tour plan informed by the prospective tour participants.
  2. Especially for tourists from overseas, the tour fee will use the applicable US Dollar exchange rate.
  3. Our tour prices can change ONLY if there are obstacles in the field that result in changes in operating costs, if this happens then an increase or decrease in costs will be made.
  4. RAJA AMPAT BIZ guarantees that there will never be a hidden fee that will be billed to the tour participants.
  5. RAJA AMPAT BIZ does not service requests for calculating tour packages for tour programs originating from other parties, because each OPERATOR TOUR has its own “concoction” and service method.
  6. RAJA AMPAT BIZ does not require tour participants to give tips or tipping to crew and guides in the field. This matter was fully handed back to the participants’ personalities.
  7. RAJA AMPAT BIZ will apply special NON PROFIT fees for educational and social activities for the advancement of communities in Raja Ampat.